Red Dog Outfitters has 1,000's of acres leased in two states in the western region of the Midwest. All of our properties are smack dab in the middle of the countries best farm ground. You can literally drive for 50 miles out here and not see a tree. Deer, in the summer, tend to live in the corn where they have food, water, and cover. When the fall comes, the crops are harvested and the Deer run for cover. This is what RDO does best, securing the best land available in those areas and littering them with stands and trail cameras. You'll be hunting bottlenecks, edges, transition zones or areas where several trails meet. Deer aren't as concentrated on a square mile basis as they are in other parts of the country, but when the grain comes down, the few areas offering cover light up with activity. You can expect to see Deer every day, I won't say a number because we all know that varies on many levels. Rest assured, when you hunt with Red Dog you'll get what you pay for, guaranteed.