Scrolling in the Stand – Tricks to Keeping Quiet in the Deer Stand

I’ve been guiding Deer for long enough to have heard an excuse or two for why someone missed an opportunity.  Hey I have my own Deer to excuse, let alone everyone else’s.  One morning it dawned on me how much … Read More

“Killing Time”

While many are loving every minute of the summer, my people aren’t.  When I say my people I mean you, us, hunters.  Even the Fishermen are probably ready for the Fall colors that cannot be matched at any other time … Read More

How Many Trail Cameras is Enough | Kansas & Nebraska Whitetail Deer Hunting Tips

You’ll never have enough trail camera, that’s the short answer.  I’m running over 100 cameras right now. That’s a key point as to why we are so successful for getting out clients nice deer.  If you’re lucky enough to have … Read More

Where to place your Treestand | Kansas & Nebraska Whitetail Deer Hunting Tips

I get a lot of ideas and advice from people about where to hang treestands during hunts with Red Dog Outfitters. One thing I can tell you I hear a lot is “is that a left handed stand”?  The short … Read More

Tricks For Playing the Wind | Kansas Whitetail Hunting Tips

  There are a lot of opinions on scent while hunting whitetails in Kansas, there are probably even more products out there to help confuse things.  Here’s my take. It doesn’t matter what you use to cover or eliminate your … Read More