To book a hunt with Red Dog Outfitters you will need to first contact us to make reservations for available dates.
Please call or text Tim Clark at  (720) 232-0173 or email -
Address - PO Box 43, Hoxie, KS 67740
We are also very active on Facebook, you are always welcome to reach out and chat with us there.

Nebraska is over the Counter and just 235 for the tag. If you have a Kansas tag for unit 1, 2 or 3 lets talk. Things just got a little easier, and I bet you don't meet too many outfitters that trust their hunt so much that they'll finance either. This is subject to credit approval and other factors but will remain confidential. I just know how it is to be tight and still want to get out there, now you can.

Once you have made your reservation you will need to make a deposit to hold your reservation. There is a list of hunts below where you make your deposit online. You'll need to put 25% down for any hunt taking place a year or more out, 50% down via Check for any hunt under a year. All deposits are non-refundable. If you decide to cancel your deposit may be transferred on to the next year if there is a position available.

Once you arrive at camp you will need to fill out a release form. There are few policies and tests that you will need to go through before beginning your hunt.

We look forward to seeing you in camp!!
Happy Hunting

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