How Many Trail Cameras is Enough | Kansas & Nebraska Whitetail Deer Hunting Tips

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You’ll never have enough trail camera, that’s the short answer.  I’m running over 100 cameras right now. That’s a key point as to why we are so successful for getting out clients nice deer.  If you’re lucky enough to have a state where you can bait you can get away with far fewer.  For states where you cannot bait try to stack your cameras in places, you’re confident you have traffic and cover it 300 degrees or better.  We all get into spreading cameras far and wide putting the cameras on the tree that we’re confident they’ll pass, in the direction we’re certain they’ll be.   If you’re sold on it, put the cameras in this location far in advance of the opener.  If the location hot, keep it up and shave off the ones that are performing poorly.
To touch on quality vs quantity you need to evaluate how many acres you have to hunt and what you’re overall goals are.  If you’re getting one camera buy the best money can buy.  If you are in the market for 10 get a good dependable model with a good warranty.  Don’t forget to ID your cams with a marker and keep a journal of how the SD cards, battery life, and anything else that’s noteworthy.  It seems easy to remember in the field when you’re focusing on it. But when you get home and have a few to remember I guarantee you’ll forget some details, you might even find that camera in a year or two and laugh.  If you are looking to shoot a nice whitetail buck in either Kansas or Nebraska Contact us to Get Your Hunt Scheduled
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