Kansas Guided Mule Deer Hunting

Kansas Mule Deer Hunting at Red Dog really is incredible. Talk about an untapped resource we have here in Kansas.  Tags are difficult to obtain though.  If you’re only after a Mule Deer you may just look at our opportunities in Nebraska.  If you decide to roll the Dice on Western Kansas Mule Deer you need to have the mindset that a Trophy Whitetail will do because that's how that lottery works.  You will go into an initial lottery for Non-Resident Whitetail, then if you choose and pay the extra money for the stamp you’ll be entered into another drawing.  This is only possible with a Bow or Muzzleloader. Non-residents and Rifles don’t mix with Mule Deer in Kansas.  Residents can hunt here with an OTC tag, but getting resident hunters to pay for an outfitted hunt is no easy task.  So there you have it, 30,000 plus private acres filled with some of the best Creek Bottoms, Irrigated Farmland, CRP, Grass and wasteland sitting here ripe for picking.  We have land in unit 1, 2 and 3.  We are known as a Whitetail Outfitter only because 99% of the hunts we put on are just that, Whitetail.  I’ve had very few hunters come through with a Mule Deer tag and the ones that have, which I have references for, have taken the following.  A 187” Mule Deer Taken by Blake Garrett in 2016, a 185” Mule Deer taken with a Bow by Kate S, 140’s class Mule by Tom S, 180’s class wounded and lost Buck by Deborah S and 180’s class wounded and lost Buck by Brian P.  Every deer but Blakes was within 2 days of the hunt.  Not many apply for this tag, as in unit one its very hard to draw; however now that we’re in unit 2 things are different.  If you want to add some spice to your Kansas hunt with me lets add this stamp to your tag and see what we can do.  Resident Hunters can purchase an OTC Muzzleloader license and hunt all of Muzzleloader season and regular Rifle, however, they must use only muzzleloading equipment,.  We are going to step up our efforts to find resident Hunters in 2018 as I believe with the land we have leased that we could take 35-40 additional Mule Deer a year.  Baby steps.  This year we’ll try to get 5 or 6 Mule Deer on the ground to prove what we have and we’ll go from there.

2023 Pricing - $6000 guided - $4000 semi-guided

Let's Hunt!

"Whitetailed deer numbers have increased dramatically in the last 20 years, and they can be found virtually statewide wherever suitable habitat exists. Highest whitetail densities are in the eastern one-third of the state. Whitetails have adapted well to Kansas’ modern landscape, finding cover in natural woodlands, shelterbelts, old homesteads and grasslands, and abundant food in cropfields. The selective management program has created a healthy deer herd, with excellent potential for trophy-sized bucks in all regions." - Kansas Department of Wildlife