I know that choosing an Outfitter can be tough, there are a lot of options out there. I also know that we Outfitters need to have each other's backs. These are Outfitters that I have personally used, I would recommend them to anyone. If you're interested give me a call to discuss hunts and rates.

Elk Hunting

I have hunted with an Outfitter in Central Utah for three seasons. I've taken a 305" 6x6, a 340" 7x7 and a 375" 6x7 over the last three seasons. If you'd like to learn more about this hunt please feel free to call me as I have a very good relationship with this ranch and have also taken my Wife and Dad there. Hunts start at 5500 and a shot opportunity is guaranteed. I don't book for a lot of outfitters as you can see, but this is one that I feel confident in putting my name on.

Hog Hunting

I have Hunted Hogs in Tennessee and Texas and have recommendations in both States from 1000 and up. These Hunts are Awesome for kids that want to see a lot of action and big kids that want to fill the freezer and some wall space.