“Killing Time”

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While many are loving every minute of the summer, my people aren’t.  When I say my people I mean you, us, hunters.  Even the Fishermen are probably ready for the Fall colors that cannot be matched at any other time of year.  There is something special about Fall that I’ll never fully grasp but what the parts I do bring me back to my youth.  This morning was one of those mornings, nostalgia was in the air.  The wind was out of the North blowing about 10 mph with a crisp feel to it, if I had to guess it was in the 60s.  Just about the perfect temp for a hoody, a beanie and some great coffee.  I’m seeing the corn start to recede and Milo is turning red.  Creek bottoms are getting grazed down and corn hay is getting baled.  We are going into the descent and we’re feeling it.  You’ll see a Pack of Upland Birds here and there with some awkward staged Roosters that resemble 13 year old punk rock kids, Herds of Mulie Bucks hanging around pastures and Pockets of Doves just about everywhere you look.  Yes, Fall is coming.  One of the new ponds that popped up with all the rain this summer is now holding about a dozen Mallards and at least 30 blue wing Teal.  Here I sit writing this blog at 120 AM, what would be my fifth night  at 10,000 feet alone in my public land “Elk Camp”, that I’ve only hunted Deer out of the last 5 years.  Fall is here, but not everything is the same.  I skipped this year, I don’t know exactly why but I think Kids and Dogs had a lot to do with it.  I used to take Piper with me, if you follow me you know what happened to that poor Girl.  Now Colt, my oldest is in Kindergarten and Haley who just turned two is always up for anything I’m up to.

Sitting alone in the woods with no service to reach them, no internet to appease my curiosities and no people to talk with just doesn’t, really, sound, like fun, especially Sober.  SO thats where we’re at.  Whitetail are on the table this weekend instead.  Tomorrow I plan to get about 3/4 Ton of Corn, 10 -12 mineral sites revamped and add about as many cameras to the fleet which is sitting about 80 now.  These trail cams make my life much easier as a Deer guide.  Being that I get paid for the surveillance I take pride in doing I have to admit its my favorite part of my job.  Some of my favorite Trail Cam pics are nothing but a Beautiful Doe with her Fawns, although if you follow me you know how many pics I post of Kansas Whitetail Bucks.  I try to not post the MONSTER Deer anymore but for the most part I’ll post the good Deer that most hunters will be happy to shoot.  I’ve had a lot of people asking me why I’m not showing those photos this year and its really quite simple.  I have 40-50 really nice Deer that most everyone will be happy that o brush elbows with, but the BIG Deer, the Bucks with Drop Tines or Trash, or Piebald, whatever, those ones get claimed by everyone that sees them online.  That doesn’t get into what it may attract for poachers, its just been something better left alone.  My Hunters will see good Deer in Both Kansas and Nebraska this year.  We’ve had a lot of water, crops are great and I can’t think of any place that took awful pressure or where we lost a lot of Deer to weather/disease.


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