Donavan Ricker

Our group has had the opportunity to hunt with Tim the last three years. After over 35 years of bow hunting Tim Clark put me onto my best whitetail ever with a bow in 2013. My son and his father in law both had opportunities that year but weren’t able to close the deal. 2014 found us on Tim’s new lease in east Kansas, my son and I both took nice 8 points however we were drawn back to the beauty and wildness of west Kansas. 2015 west Kansas was no disappointment, my son took his nicest ever and I harvested a nice ten. However I missed a terrific buck and saw another that was even better. All in all over three years 3 of us have taken 6 nice buck but should have taken at least 8. However numbers and size of buck don’t tell the whole story. As I mentioned earlier west Kansas is amazing whether it be the abundant array of wildlife or the beauty of the cottonwood draws. Combine that all with the fact that Tim knows west Kansas deer hunting as well as being a great guy who loves his family, I can promise you you will not be disappointed with Red Dog Outfitters.