Tricks For Playing the Wind | Kansas Whitetail Hunting Tips

posted in: Whitetail Deer Hunting
There are a lot of opinions on scent while hunting whitetails in Kansas, there are probably even more products out there to help confuse things.  Here’s my take. It doesn’t matter what you use to cover or eliminate your scent, if the winds at your back you can count on being picked off far in advance of hearing any blowing from a Boss Whitetail Doe.  I didn’t say you would be, but you better count on it.  The closer you get to the rut the better you might confuse a whitetail buck though, I do believe in cover scents.  They may smell you but the scent of a Hot Doe might just overwhelm them into Lala land.  Another trick aside from playing the wind is simply checking your odds.  How many days do you have left? How “sure” are you that he’s going to come from that side, from that perfect meadow, or that creek that you guarantee he’s bedded in?  I can tell you from being a part of 300 plus Bucks that most of the time they don’t come from where you expect them to anyway.  Some of the best Bucks are taken coming from areas that we never expect, sure they come into range where we are expecting them to, or thats what we hope.  If all else fails, and you’re lucky enough to have a Buck living around a house, hunt as close to the house as the law and the owner will allow.  Bucks DO NOT care about houses.  If your looking to get out there and harvest your trophy whitetail buck give us a shout.