Where to place your Treestand | Kansas & Nebraska Whitetail Deer Hunting Tips

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I get a lot of ideas and advice from people about where to hang treestands during hunts with Red Dog Outfitters. One thing I can tell you I hear a lot is “is that a left handed stand”?  The short answer is yes, if that’s where that whitetail buck comes in that day.  Too many people follow trails and setup close to intersections or just off a well beaten the whitetail deer trail.  These aren’t bad places but they’re obvious.  If you think this Buck has never seen a stand you’re fooling yourself.  They’ve not only seen one like it, they’ve probably watched you taking pictures with your iPhone back when they only carried spots instead of a huge rack.  The whitetail bucks out here in Kansas are very smart, thats how they get so big.  We spend so much time in the field watching deer and knowing there habits, that is one main reason we are so successful on getting out clients on good bucks.
Whitetail bucks don’t use trails as much as you think.  Most of the time when I’ve seen Bucks coming into range they’re not on any trail at all.  Neither are the Does.  Whats that tell you?  Forget the trails, call me crazy, okay.  You want to focus on places NEAR traffic but places that a Buck will naturally funnel on their own.  Try fence lines, better yet, try fence lines, specifically somewhere easy to cross over or under.  Big bucks will go under if its high enough, and they’ll certainly heave their big bodies over at the first low spot they find if there’s a choice.  Open gates are also great areas to naturally funnel animals.  Hope you got some good info out of this post and keep coming back as I am going to be adding more topics to get your ready to shoot a big whitetail buck.  Also if your looking to fill your Kansas or Nebraska whitetail buck tag give us a call or send an email and I will personally talk to you about your hunt.