Julie McQueen:
co-host of Brotherhood Outdoors & on Carbon TV
I’ve hunted with a lot of outfitters over the years with my career in the hunting industry. I booked a hunt with Red Dog Outfitters this turkey season in Nebraska and Kansas, and it was by far the best turkey hunt I’ve ever been a part of. Not only did we see more birds than anywhere else, but also the overall quality of the hunt, accommodations and personal service were exceptional. With 100% shot opportunities on turkeys, not just with my group but with every group in camp, you can say that this is a hunt I’ll be recommending to everyone.

Donavan Ricker
Our group has had the opportunity to hunt with Tim the last three years. After over 35 years of bow hunting Tim Clark put me onto my best whitetail ever with a bow in 2013. My son and his father in law both had opportunities that year but weren’t able to close the deal. 2014 found us on Tim’s new lease in east Kansas, my son and I both took nice 8 points however we were drawn back to the beauty and wildness of west Kansas. 2015 west Kansas was no disappointment, my son took his nicest ever and I harvested a nice ten. However I missed a terrific buck and saw another that was even better. All in all over three years 3 of us have taken 6 nice buck but should have taken at least 8. However numbers and size of buck don’t tell the whole story. As I mentioned earlier west Kansas is amazing whether it be the abundant array of wildlife or the beauty of the cottonwood draws.  Combine that all with the fact that Tim knows west Kansas deer hunting as well as being a great guy who loves his family, I can promise you you will not be disappointed with Red Dog Outfitters.

James Rizza
Whitetail Deer
I booked this Hunt with Red Dog after trying to harvest a whitetail deer on my own without success. I can honestly say I was totally impressed with Tim Clark from the first time I spoke with him on the phone. He informed me that they had quite a few deer between their different properties, I figured this was typical outfitter talk. He followed up the phone call with a ton of trail camera pictures to affirm what he told me over the phone. Tim was always available by phone anytime I had questions, and never made me feel like I was bothering him. The day of my hunt came and I was highy excited. Tim met me the day before to show me where I would be hunting, for a semi-guided hunt it felt like a guided hunt with the exception of me hunting by myself, which was exactly what I wanted. I had 5 days set aside to make it happen. 2 hours after I got into the tree stand I was covered up in deer, I was absolutely shocked as I didnt expect to see this many deer right aw! ay. Being a meat hunter and not a trophy hunter I decided to go ahead and take the shot on my first night. This deer was less than 20 yards and provided the perfect broadside shot. After the perfect double lung shot, I had accomplished what I set out to do, and that was harvest a deer with my bow. The properties Red Dog has are some of the best i’ve seen. The tree stands are placed in perfect positions with plenty of shooting lanes trimmed. When I called Tim to tell him I harvested a deer, he was just as excited as I was!! He truly cares about his clients and understands how important it is to help them be successful. The tree stands were all equiped with safety ropes, I forgot my Hunter Safety vest at home and was a little concerned about it. Tim had an extra one back at his lodge and offered it to me, the lodge was top notch as well!! I cant say enough good things about Tim and Red Dog Outfitters. I cant wait to come back!! I booked for 2013 before I even went home from m! y hunt. Thanks again Tim!!

Jamie Seifert
Pheasant Hunt
I don’t usaually use guides but time was short so Tim set us up with Jared and Dan in Colby Kansas for a one day hunt. I felt like I had hunted with these guys for years they were tuned in and hunted hard all day. We hunted beautiful terrain with birds staying in close and the dogs working perfectly. They seem to have endless access to land that most of us would drool over it was definitely worth the money. Kansas has great walk in areas but mixing a day with these guys would make your trip worth remembering. Thanks for the hunt, loved it.

John Cross
After consulting with Butch Manasse Outdoor Adventures, he highly recommended Red Dog Outfitters for a DIY whitetail hunt. I can honestly say that it was one of my best hunting experiences, having hunted with BMOA internationally for some years now. Can`t say how much I appreciate Red Dog
(aka Tim) for giving such a hands-on hunt. After looking over the stand and camera placement, I would not change anything. The only problem was that I never got to get into the jacuzzi!! All stands had safety ropes attached and the placements were my choice also. Good luck bow hunting this year. I may have to try it next year.

Robin and I would like to thank you for a great Kansas turkey hunt. The weather was against us and the birds were always where we didn’t set up. We saw a lot of birds and the accomadations were good. When you found that we didn’t get a bird you offered to let us come back and try again. Robin was not able to make it back to Kansas, but I was able to harvest a very nice tom. We will definatley hunt with Red Dog again. Thanks again Tim. Byron and Robin Noehl.

Scott Phillips
The hunt with Tim from Red Dog Outfitters was outstanding. It could not of been better from start to finish. Tim will ask you many times if everything is Ok. If there is a question before or after the hunt he will answer it quickly. Tim is a highly charged and motivated outfitter that will do what it takes to give you the hunter the best opportunity on a high quality deer. I will definitely hunt with him again next year. If anyone would like to talk to me about the hunt please call me. Scott Phillips 970 389-3345

Mark Mortensen
Tim at Reddog has the perfect setup for Colorado whitetail deer. I only had a doe tag, but after 20 minutes in the stand, i was wishing i had a buck tag. I had seen a big 8 chasing a hot doe that got my heart pounding. While i had my chances to fill my tag, i was on a limited schedule and the wind kept me from the stand one morning. I had seen plenty of deer from my stand but being a rookie stand hunter, i miss judged yardage and clean missed my doe. The clubhouse Reddog has is perfect for taking a break from hunting with a big screen TV an a nice wood stove. It also has a bird cleaning station, and a great place to cook some lunch. I would recommend Reddog to anyone wanting a Colorado hunt at a very good price. To me, just seeing the number of deer i had seen was worth the whole hunt. He has some great bucks that I’m sure ill be going after soon.

Steve McCain
I have hunted whitetail for the past 2 seasons with Red Dog and had great success both hunts. I saw plenty of deer in the relatively short time I spent in the field. Tim with Red Dog is an extremely knowledgeable guide and was able to put me in several great locations on the property. He was spot on with the location and habits of the local deer. The property is excellent for whitetail as well as a nearby river holding plenty of waterfowl. Tim is a great guy to work with and I would definitely recommend Red Dog. Their hospitality and service were also exceptional.


Lloyd Riddle
I am very satisfied with Tim Clark and Red Dog Outfitting. I used RDO for both Turkey and Pheasant this year and my hunt met every expectation and agreement that was made with Tim. Tim goes out of his way to make sure everything is going as agreed and that I am getting the most out of my hunt. I was successful on both of my hunts and the landowners that Tim worked out for me were equally as accommodating and friendly. Tim is very trustworthy and if he says he is going to do something, then you can count on it. I find his prices competitive and provide real value for an excellent hunt. Five Stars!

Tanner Schwartz
This was my first whitetail hunt ever. I didnt know what to expect, or really what I was doing to be honest. I Met Tim (Red Dog Outfitters) at the sportsmans show in 2011. After a breaf conversation with him i decided to book a hunt. He kept me informed on the differn’t deer throughout the year, as well as let me come hang stands and get familar with the hunting area. Well Novemeber came and boy was my mind blown the first morning in the stand. I passed on 15 differn’t bucks the first day. There were deer everywhere. I wanted a 130+ buck so I patiently waited and passed on several bucks over the next few days. Well, lets just say I missed my shot at a 150 inch buck on the fifth day. I had a great time and learned alot from Red Dog Outfitters. I would highley reccomend booking with them if you want a quality hunt at a fair price.

Keith Zepplin
Red Dog Outfitters World Class in Colorado Over my years a tradition was set in my family was to take a hunting trip as part of vacation. Like most hunters my soul is relaxed when I am out in the wild seeking various game. If you want an adventure and world class/5 star experience look no further then red dog outfitters. I had the pleasure hunting with Tim on his Lamar Colorado property; never did I have a better experience with a guide then with red dog outfitters. I hunted with them twice and it was money well spent. My dove hunt was with out question the best I had ever. The shot opportunity was magnificent , my hunt personally I had over 80 shots in 4 hours and both (my father and I ) had over twenty killed. I was impressed with the young guides help with cleaning the birds and knowledge they had (Matt and Trey). With the deer hunt Tim put us on deer and on property (Lamar CO). I had the time of my life . Frustrated by years of getting skunked, Tim turned it around by his scouting knowledge and put me on the hunt of life time. It was Monday October 24th 645 am when I spotted my trophy class deer with scored 123 sci .Tim will make sure that you are happy and will take care of you. Hunting with them is like hunting with your family or your best friend, which is what, makes them unique. If you’re looking for an outfitter that will give you a world class hunt and not mortgages your house, I proudly suggest

Brad Ketel
Tim put us on a property in Colorado that had little, if any pressure. The landowner was very friendly and helpful. We scouted the property the evening before our hunt. We were hearing many gobblers in the area and saw one large tom looking for a roost right at dark. We set up the blind that night and had 2 gobblers in the bag by 8:00 am the next morning. We saw 4 other gobblers on the property that morning at a distance, as well. I would surely hunt this property again if given the opportunity.

Bob Wilson
This hunt was awesome,Tim has thousands of acres of prime turkey habitat that are plentiful with birds. upon our arrival that evening, seeing birds and hearing the Toms gobbling in the background just got our blood pumping & we couldn’t wait to get out there the next morning. Being my first Turkey hunt and not knowing much about it, Tim filled us in on bird behavior and what to expect on the hunt. We seen tons of birds that next day and could not believe all the deer we saw as well. We were able to fill both of our tags with two large 9″ bearded toms. Tim is very concerned that you are getting the most out of the hunt and will go that extra mile to make sure that you do. If you would like a great quality hunt and for sure get your moneys worth if not more then book a hunt with Tim Clark at Red Dog Outfitters. Thanks Tim see ya soon.

Lloyd Maier
This was my first hunt with an outfitter. It has been a great experience. Leading up to the hunt, Tim Clark sent me a map of the farms I could hunt in Kansas. The map had locations for blinds to be setup near turkeys. Tim stayed in touch with me during my hunt making sure I was on turkeys. On day 2, he moved me to a different farm to give me the best chance to harvest a bird and it worked. I got my best Tom. Tim has kept in touch with me after the hunt. I would recommend Red Dog Outfitters and am hunting again with Tim for Deer in Colorado this November.

LeRoy Pitt
Tim Clark offered a DIY hunt on a working farm in western Kansas for a good value. My son and I had never used an outfitter for our hunting trips and Tim was prompt and friendly with his correspondence and willingness to accomodate our needs. He was confident we would get into birds and suggested several areas to investigate. He followed up with phone calls to ensure we were pleased with the quality of the area and the cabin. Overall, Tim is a great person to deal with and we both hope to book with Red Dog Outfitters again. Oh yeah, we got into turkeys every time we left the cabin.

Fantastic hunt!!! 4 archers, 4 shots and 2 nice birds down the first day. Turkeys all over the place. Multiple hunting spots, with the roost area being on Red Dog land. Cant wait to do this again!!!

Richard Karbowski
I would like to thank Tim Clark for a fantastic hunt. Starting with the Lodging which was clean and well equipped. About Tims honesty. He said he had Deer and put me in a place that had Deer. There was no misleading bull crap. I hunted Friday night and saw a lot of Deer but no Bucks that were up to my standards. Tim told me to stay in that stand all day the next day and at 6:30 that night by Buck came in. It was a very impressive Buck. I’m not a very good judge of Deer but it was the largest Deer I’ve seen on the hoof that was shootable. So I shot it and had a good hit but waited a hour as Tim suggested before tracking the Deer. Tim showed up and we tracked the Deer for about 250 yards. Tim taught me how to track a Deer like a professional. He was very patient and I learned a lot. I had no idea that I had just shot a 143 class Deer, which will make the Pope and Young record book! I think Tim was more excited than me. Tim did exactly what he said he would do which was get me into the Deer and the rest was up to me. Tim is a very honest and professional guide. I plan to return next year and put my trust in Tim again.

Lloyd Maier
This was my best hunt ever! My son and I booked this hunt not really knowing what to expect. This was my sons first hunt with a bow and first time in a treestand. When we got to the farm we were met by the land owner and shown the stands Tim Clark wanted us to start in. The first night I saw more bucks then does. The trend continued throughout the hunt. The best part of the hunt was the stand setup’s. Tim had multiple double stands set. That allowed my son and I to be in the same tree and see each other shoot our deers. I was able to rattle in a buck for my son and he made a perfect shot dropping his first buck. I was able to take my best whitetail to date. Neither of the bucks that we took were the biggest that we had seen on the farm. My son had never shot a buck so he took his first opportunity. I took the first opportunity at the biggest buck I have ever had. There were much bigger bucks but we chose to take these ones knowing we could have waited for bigger bucks. It was a long time coming for the both of us. We have already booked hunts for Kansas in 2013 and are planning on hunting back in Lamar, Co in 2014 with Red Dog! My son had a much better shot than me and the coyotes got to my deer before I found him. Sorry for the picture.

Jimmy Maier
Red Dog Outfitters gave me my first expierence with seeing big bucks. This was my first bow hunt and hunting from a treestand. I saw a lot of bucks but got buck fever and shot the first buck in range! The stands were put in exactly the right places. My dad and I were able to sit in the same tree and were together on both our bucks. This was an experience I will never forget!

Mark Alexander
I have hunted with a lot of outfitters for whitetail deer. Canada, Illinois, Texas, and Missouri. This is the best bowhunt that I have been on. The amount of quality animals was good. The amount of deer seen was excellent. We had 4 hunters and all 4 had shot opportunities at quality deer. Tim worked hard to get us on good deer even though it was semi-guided. He listened to our concerns about wind direction and adjusted accordingly. I have no complaints about Tim or the accommodations. I will be back next year!

Jared Alexander
This was my first hunt in Kansas and, I had a blast seeing a ton of deer with low hunting pressure. I passed on several 140″ deer and saw some 150″ deer a little out of range. This was my first guided hunt and I must say that Tim Clark truly wants you to capitalize on a deer of your choice. Our group discussed the stand situation with Tim and the only thing was the shooting rails on the bow stands and he understood so he will accommodate our needs next year. The experience was great! My dad has been to Illinois, Canada, and Texas and tells me that this is the most action of all the places he has been. I did come home empty handed in November 2012 (my own fault) but, you can bet on seeing me back in November 2013. If you are looking for a great on/off the stand experience, get in touch with Tim Clark with Red Dog Outfitters.

Troy Bloom
I was extremely excited when I scheduled my Kansas whitetail rifle hunt with Red Dog Outfitters, but as the season approached, my excitement turned to concern. The rut was winding down, the moon was full and daily high temperatures would be in the low 70’s for the duration of my trip. Not ideal whitetail hunting conditions to say the least! Luckily my concerns were unfounded. Thanks to Tim and the outstanding leases he’s procured, I managed to see deer in every stand I sat in, including two of the biggest whitetail bucks I’ve ever seen while hunting (one of which I was fortunate enough to bag)! I couldn’t be happier with my Red Dog experience and will definitely be hunting with Tim again in the future! If you’re considering booking a hunt with Red Dog Outfitters, I would be happy to share my experiences with you, so please feel free to call Troy at 303-881-8198. Thanks again Tim!

Ehren Jones
The three of us had been wanting to go on an out of state hunt for whitetails for several years but it is so dang expensive. Then my wife was searching around and found Tim at Red Dog Outfitters. We contacted him for prices and details and he was quick to respond, very informative and helpful with the tons of questions we had. Now being from Michigan, and never hunting out of state we did not know how to go about getting our licenses or what to expect in general. Tim went above and beyond the call of duty with answering phone calls and a ton of emails. He made sure we got our licenses in on time, got all the necessities and helped point us in the right direction for lodging. We had the hunt of a lifetime, we saw a ton of deer as promised as he had been trail caming them all year so we had an idea of what to expect. He stayed in touch throughout the year right up to leaving for the 1000 mile trip. He met us on the property, showed us around and put us in the right stands to see the monsters we ended up shooting. He is a top notch guy whom we can now call a great friend. We will definitely be hunting with him for many years to come because he is reasonably priced, honest and will deliver more than promised. Thanks again Tim, Red Dog and the others whom help make this a trip we will never forget and many more to come. We cannot express enough thanks and gratitude for being so honest, there are not enough people out there like you. Ehren Jones

Casey Jones
Tim Clark is wonderful and a hell of a good guide. We drove from michigan to come and try out a semi guided rifle hunt we had never done anything like this before. My father and brother really wanted me to go so it would be a family hunt. I am so glad that i did when we arrived tim was there to meet and greet us. We went over our goals on what we were after for our dream whitetail. He took us around and showed all that great land he has and where he thought would be the best stands for us. Tim asked us many time are you happy with this spot. We had my father in the best stand hoping he would have the time of his life and he DID. Shooting a big ten point the 2nd night of our hunt. Tim told us he would have a chance to pull the trigger within 3 days and he did. Tim then moved my brother to the same stand a day later because the deer were there and he shot a big 8. So now its my turn i was then fully guided tim was doing everything he could to get me a shooter. The fourth day in the evening luck had turned around for me saw 10 bucks and 5 does nothing i wanted to pull the trigger on then right before dark i looked over to my right to see 2 shooters. I could not get the shot i wanted to take so i didnt pull the trigger. I did not want to make a bad shot so i waited patiently and never saw them on the fifth day. Tim told us we could stay another day so i could have another shot at it. I had enough i watch my dad a the buck of his dreams and also my brother that was worth it all to me. Tim was great, his goal is to make you have time of your life we will be back thank you so much for every thing. Casey

Gene Jones
I’d like to thank Tim for my family’s 2012 Kansas Whitetail hunt. This was our first hunt with an outfitter and it turned out to be a great experience. Right from the start Tim made us feel at ease and got us started off on the right foot. He asked what we expected and filled us in on what to expect. Tim treated us with respect and professionalism at all times, as if we were professional trophy hunters. His stands were well placed on the properties with all safety features included. He shared his information as to what the deer movements might be and advised us where and when to place ourselves and left the rest up to us. I can not say enough good things about Tim and Red Dog, just that if you would like to hunt Whitetail in Kansas, contact Tim and he will do everything he can to be sure you have an enjoyable hunt, short of bagging the big buck for you, although he does aim to please..